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  1. Levante Anti-Age 100 Tights

    Levante Anti-Age 100 Tights

    New & innovative: Push-up-Tights improves skin elasticity. Containing fibers with active elements (long lasting effect). Anti-Cellulite- Anti-Ageing-, and Push-up-effect. Wear it daily for a minimum of 50 days. With flat seams and sandal toe.

    Material: 87% Polyamide, 11% Elastane, 2% Cotton
    Denier: 100 (111 dtex)
    Article number: LE-AG7A

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  2. Levante Magic Shaper 40 Tights

    Levante Magic Shaper 40 Tights

    Simply magical: Transparent body-toning tights with "up-lifting" body brief. The brief shapes the tummy and lifts the buttocks. With flat seams and cotton gusset.

    Material: 81% Polyamide, 16% Elastane, 3% Cotton
    Denier: 40
    Article number: LE-MSHA

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  3. Glamory Silk Skin 50 Tights

    Glamory Silk Skin 50 Tights

    Velvety skin: Semi-opaque tights with patented emana® yarn. Improvement on skin softness, increase of skin firmness and elasticity. This pantyhose lets your skin look younger and silky. Enhanced skin blood microcirculation and better skin thermoregulation. Equipted with body shaping panty and an extra-wide thigh area for a super comfortable wearing feeling. Reinforced toes. Perfect fit up to Plus Size 62 (4XL).

    Material: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane
    Denier: 50 (55 dtex)
    Article number: G-50128

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3 Item(s)

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Shapewear is the synonym for all pieces of clothing with a fantastic silhouette. The body of each woman has a special distinct form. Every woman has at the same time another idea of how the curves of her body should be especially accentuated or concealed. With the assistance of shapewear tights, corsetry and bras small problem zones can easily be concealed and beautiful body parts specially accentuated so that every woman can have her own individual appearance.

The term support tights have long since lost its medical aftertaste. Through the choice of the correct tights it is possible to make the bottom appear well rounded and the stomach more even. Shapewear tights are not only figure-forming for the bottom and the stomach. Even the thighs can be formed a little bit and riding pants disappear. With a figure-forming tight the body is being optically stretched and the silhouette is being enhanced in a narrow skirt or tight-fitting dress.

Body forming is a game with many possibilities. No woman should be content with her problem zones but look brilliant in every garment with the appropriate shapewear. Suitable accessories for the perfect appearance are shapewear tights and figure-forming underwear which many ladies nowadays are using. Let the most beautiful parts of your body glow and conceal small problem zones. Due to the excellent workmanship “Seamless” nothing can be seen and the tights are comfortable to wear. Though the tights are supporting you do not feel constricted.

Most creations of the shapewear have the effect of improving the blood circulation. Many models assist in the protection of the veins during extended standing. With some models you can even reach a massage effect at the legs or the bottom. One gets an additional body-forming by wearing a fantastic tight. Score manifold with shapewear. Form your body with tight-fitting clothing and make use of the health-supporting shapewear tights. Display effectively your special body parts.