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Washing tights

washing tightsThe washing of pantyhose and stockings is a must. In order to keep socks clean and fresh, there are a few tricks you should keep for a long time have fun with your favorite tights:

What should be honored by the hand wash tights?
Pantyhose should be washed by hand warm (max. 40 degrees). Higher temperatures may change the material properties, the fit of the sock is lost. Beware of "hot" fingernails; Do not wear jewelry, rub or wring tights are not dry. Use liquid detergent, hand soap or shower gel. Because of the bad dosage of washing powder is recommended. Drain well. Never look directly at the heater or in direct sunlight to dry.

Recommended steps for hand washing of stockings:
Soak hosiery in lukewarm water. Froth mild detergent and wash it in the hands of the stockings. Take the socks out of the wash water and rinse it with clean water. Press the sock with the help of a towel and hang him on. The drying is thus more gentle, the stockings to keep her fit. This wash is very gentle and therefore suitable for high-quality hosiery!

What should be considered in the machines of pantyhose lingerie?
To help protect your tights in the washing machine is a laundry bag. We provide a laundry bag.

How often should stockings be washed?
To tights to keep clean and fit for a perfect seat manufacturers recommend a wash after each wearing. This is particularly a pair of tights and stockings Stockings-hygienic silicone bands, because adherent skin scales are removed. We recommend body shaping tights that are worn without a slip, to wash in any case after each use.