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Tips for varicose veins - phlebectomy treatment

One in two women suffer from varicose veins. Our guide gives tips on prevention and explains a scar-free treatment method (phlebectomy).

Again nice legs ...

Tips for varicose veins - particularly in hot temperatures would like to show woman's leg. But many women wear trousers and skirts to cover your legs. Legs with varicose veins tend to have weak connective tissue and scar. The heat expands the veins, more blood goes to the legs and it flows more slowly. In addition to leg disorders are joined by edema, which usually aggravate the pain still.

To effectively helps to alleviate varicose veins:
Cold Shower - The cold constricts the blood vessels, less blood collects in the veins. Shower off on hot days, cold legs from below upwards.

Walks - They promote the health of your legs by walking barefoot or long walks. The calf muscle pump is placed in momentum, supported by the return flow of blood.

Swimming - the movement of the legs during swimming, the water pressure and act as support stockings. The blood can flow better.

Wear on long flights, bus and car travel support stockings and tights (you can find in our online shop supporting products from Levante, Glamory, and Compressana. They also keep your legs moving. Plan a regular breaks and move your legs.

Treatment option for varicose veins: phlebectomy

If the local anesthetic in an outpatient phlebectomy performed. With a special device to cut free of varicose veins are removed. This operation is virtually no scars because the 1-2mm long incisions heal well in general. One night in the hospital is not required, but the wearing of a pressure dressing for about 24 hours. The subsequent emergence of new varicose veins can be alleviate by wearing tights (at Strumpfmode24`s you will also find Collanto support tights for men). A support stocking is always a good tip for varicose veins - Browse through our range of wellness and support tights!

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