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The manufacture of (seamless) fine stockings and pantyhoses

Daily women, men and children wear fine stockings and tights, but how are they made? World of lingerie shows you the individual steps, which may vary by hosiery manufacturer:

Knit of tights parts. In the first operation, the leg parts are knitted on circular knitting machines. Of two leg-and the gusset part ultimately results tights. Socks are knitted by the same operation.

When turning the stocking or pantyhose, the part is turned over to the left side, and thus prepared for looping or sewing. The open top of the pantyhose (stockings) is mesh-wise twice pushed open and closed with a non-applying whipped seam. For cost reasons, some companies save the complex looping and sew stockings and pantyhose several times, which creates a stronger seam.

The seat on sewing machines. The sock is turning when winding. Through the passing of the stocking top, using a template on the sewing machine it just gets a regular, clean seam. Automatically the machine turns back the hosiery. Alternatively, the stocking top can be closed by turning in a knitting machine.

That means minor repaired to eliminate small errors (laddering). In order to make hosiery less sensitive for further processing to shrinking them under steam pressure in the attenuator. After examining the lengths of the error continues to sew. Tights and two parts of the gusset portion to be sewn together to pantyhose. Via a special Prüfform the confection of a pantyhose inspection may be conducted. Paying attention here to a uniform seam. The raw white wrought hosiery dyeing to come out.

Now the hosiery is plasticized under steam pressure. Nylon / Perlon becomes its form. The stockings are dyed in the dye bath or by a spray nozzle and plasticized it. To put the pairs together shows and compares different length of the stockings. At the following sort of tights they are wrapped around a loose-leaf and bagged. The paired socks are also bagged, labeled and paperback.

The production of men's socks

The knitting of hosiery made in single or twin cylinder machines. The machines are dependent on the particular stocking design, equipped with various sample devices.

When separating the socks they are turned and looped (see preparation of pantyhose).

After checking the goods are turned back men's socks (contact). After starting the minor repaired forms: special machines that smooth stockings under steam pressure.

When couples are set, they compare the qualities of the hosiery goods. By stitching together two identical socks are made with adhesive labels. The label tells stocking size, color, material composition, etc. The men's socks folded and banded according to the packaging unit.

The workflow is exactly the same for many more children's socks, short socks, stockings, breeches, women's knee socks.)

The production of support tights

For the production of elastic stockings and tights, the operations are almost identical. There are, however, more integrated levels of control than in Hosiery. The supporting articles are paired but the stretching length. Tights are also burned out and some have a rubber band can be sewn on and locked.