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Thrombosis prophylaxis on long-haul flights

Long haul flights and travel opportunities with little movement can be a medical problem. Due to the narrowness of your legs usually remain motionless for hours in a bent position. Problems with the blood in the legs, it is no longer continuously pumped back to the heart. The consequences are tired and heavy legs, swelling, tingling, pulling, and congestion (thrombosis).

What is thrombosis?
The blood accumulates in the vein, forming a clot in the artery wall. This so-called thrombus can break loose from the vein wall (eg if you move after landing and the blood flows faster). The blood clot following the blood stream and finally reaches the lungs and blocks an artery there. This is referred to the case of a pulmonary embolism.

Therefore, we give you tips on how to stay fit on the plane:
- Take over the last 24 hours before departure, only light meals to be
- Drink plenty of water (about 3 liters)
- Choose a seat on the aisle seat that gives you freedom and allows for easy leg exercises exercises
- Wear long-haul flights on anything that constricts the waist
- Wear medical support and compression stockings! Available in our store: Compressana support stockings (eg twist knee socks), Levante suppport tights & support stockings (eg Levante Snella 70 LegCare), Bahner tights (eg supporting pantyhose 140)
- Move your toes as often as possible and let your feet circling to stimulate blood circulation in the legs
- Ask your doctor if these measures are sufficient for you personally

World of lingerie can not accept any responsibility or liability for the medical information. For your health, you are personally responsible.