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What you should know about stockings

Simple explanation of terms, see our glossary of hosiery

How do I find the right denier strength of my legs?

Three factors are crucial:
1st Weather-temperature, clothing
2nd Leg Optics (liver spots, veins, hair, bruising)
3rd Preference / benefit (business, forming, sexiness, Extravagant, elegant)

1st The lower the temperature, the higher the Denier must be elected. The type of pantyhose, as well as the color of clothing should be adjusted. Remember: Use to highlight your beauty to the highest degree.

2nd With flawless legs you can even take the small-strengths. You want to hide but shows visible marks on the leg, you probably want to get a slightly thicker tights. Check out the look, giving your legs a look or two meters away from the mirror. Do you see a uniform structure in the problem area you have chosen the right of the value. In any case, regular leg shaving is recommended for hygienic reasons. Your legs feel soft and good.

Denier: optical classification
<15 den super-fine, transparent summer tights
15 den very fine, sheer tights
20 den fine, sheer tights
30 den fine, sheer tights for milder days
40 den semi-sheer tights
60 den opaque tights
70 den opaque tights (often with cotton)
>70 den thick tights

What I'm wearing pantyhose on occasions / for the year?
Suitable for every day are plain, unpatterned tights and stockings. Going out on the weekend you are more courageous calm in color and pattern selection of tights. Fishnet tights and stockings are perfect for summer. Skin-colored tights make legs look darker. The color "champagne" can easily shine them. For sandals pantyhose with unreinforced toe and heel are recommended. Opaque tights and stockings are ideal for over the winter. Patterned opaque tights with stripes and plaids are extravagant fashion.

Perfect fit all offer high-quality tights and stockings in our assortment. Keep up rarely in winter outdoors on (eg for going to the lunch break) 15-30 models the rich when worn under long pants made entirely. Zero temperatures prevail, you better choose an opaque tights from the 50. With skirts / pants skirts in the winter months we recommend opaque tights or opaque stockings worn.

To carry out the election results over the other two tights always the same problems. Overlapping cuff can cause redness and chafing. Wear open this variation may be caused by overlapping patterns in the mesh screen undesirable moire effects. An uncomfortable feeling sets in when the two move tights with each other. The improved thermal effect is neglected here, because new high-tech yarns that are used in high-quality tights and stockings used to implement, this effect is already optimized. Some combinations, however, provide for cold-sensitive. You have a choice: tights to wear long trousers, skirts with knee-length stockings, high heels, pumps, leggings, socks, short socks, etc., but beware of fine crepe tights, the roughened surface increases the risk-puller!

The material of fine pantyhose is characterized by softness, smoothness, transparency and durability. A run gets a good pantyhose only by rough handling during tightening (sharp objects). The gusset should be wide enough so that the burden on as many stitches in Taillienbereich is distributed. A good seam processed is necessary in order not to lose the strength of processed elastane. The panty has otherwise no longer dependent on the cuffs and wear out the tights begins to slip.

A few tips for stockings:
- Women with pale legs should wear darker colors hosiery, we recommend the other way for a brighter sun tanned legs stocking color.
- For women with slim legs stockings with bright tones are better than dark ones.
- Metal parts crush the threads of the stocking. Are eyelets on the shoe?
- Rough surfaces cause puller. This applies to furniture, but also for strong calluses on the soles. Better go without stockings!
- Stockings are not sweaters. Choose the tights always buy the correct size so that the function is guaranteed.
- Attention smokers: Due to the low melting point of Nylon / Perlon is a risk of fire damage.
- Stockings not dry in the sun or on a radiator.
- Dog and cat paws, claws are not on legs with pantyhose.
- Children are often bought "on growth." In Hosiery makes no sense. Tights and socks for children must fit well, otherwise it can rise Chafe and blisters on the skin.
- For all types of socks are problematic foot sweat and foot fungus. Pay attention to socks with special equipment (LEVANTE, Compressana, GoWell or BAHNER socks), they can help to mitigate and give a better feel.

What are nylons?
Nylons are Stockings from 100% nylon, as they were worn in the '40s / '50s. Stockings are not elastic, spandex yarns as missing. Nylon stockings are preformed for the leg. To get a perfect fit, the person's size should match exactly. Pantyhose have a back seam and heel. Alternatively, you can buy without a seam nylons with reinforced heel and toe part. Stockings with seam and heel stockings are not automatic. There are only a few machines for manufacturing, real nylons are therefore scarce and high priced.

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