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Remove varicose veins - Tips

Against varicose veins - Levia

Get to know us at the best ways to get rid of varicose veins of the fastest. Here are our tips for varicose veins:

Use creams
Eases at the first signs of venous insufficiency Buckeye swelling and tension in the legs. Affected by varicose vessels are sealed and the blood circulation gains momentum. Special creams with extracts of the red vine leaves to improve blood flow and improve the condition of the vessel interior walls. In addition, buckwheat herb draws water from the tissue and can therefore decrease edema, the orderly flow of blood is again guaranteed. Pay special attention to herbal preparations that are used regularly and over longer time.

A classic and very painful methods for varicose veins. Deep veins are cut and pulled out under general anesthesia. Through the use of support tights with strong supporting force resulting in bruising form quickly regained.

Another related to the painful methods is to inject micro-foam. The foam is mixed with the blood and clog the veins. The risk of treatment required is large, since only a limited amount may be used. Sclerosing still counts the most gentle methods.

Small varicose veins, you can easily get rid of compression with elastic stockings. The support stockings, support stockings and tights with a strong supporting force pressing together the veins and ensure that the doors close again and the vein regresses. The use of support stockings compression stockings is unlike some cheaper and perfectly adequate. Prescription compression stockings are expensive and not necessary in most cases. Please contact us for the Levia collection Levia - medical support tights stockings and tights in the supporting Class 3 (strong supporting force). For secondary treatment, and prevention of venous disease (varicose veins), we recommend Levante Snella 40 and 70 Snella tights with reviving support force.

Melt away
With aching suffering the laser method helps the doctor. After local anesthesia is a hot glass into the diseased vein is pushed and then pulled back slowly. In this process shrinks the vein so that blood can flow no more. The varicose veins are gone after just one treatment.

Get well wishes
Your Strumpfmode24 - Lingerie Pantyhose Stockings Team

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