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Pantyhose dress properly - Strumpfmode24 Guide

This guide explains in four simple steps how to properly wear your tights. Follow the instructions the first time slowly. You will notice that it goes faster on each occasion. A great accessory are stocking gloves that protect your tights from long fingernails.

1st step
You gather the pantyhose to the tip. (sitting)

Expert Advice for brand new tights: Stand with the feet on the top and pull the tights on the other end up until you feel some back pressure. Repeat the process several times. Thus they can attract a lot easier.

2nd step
Place the tip of the toe area. Now strip the pantyhose with a uniform strain to the knee. The same applies for the second leg. (sitting)

3rd step
Now gently pull the two leg parts to the crotch area. Then position the optimum position of the gusset. (standing)

4th step
Roll the pantyhose up to the waist and distribute it according to your carrying comfort. (standing)

Done. With a little practice and time you will discover when wearing the tights the perfect comfort of our articles. The above-mentioned professional advice is especially recommended for new tights and wellness stockings. We hope you enjoy putting on and wearing our tights.

Send us your tips and personal experiences by e-mail. We look forward to your feedback.

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