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What kinds of lingerie are available?

The main types of lingerie at a glance

The balconette bra has to support the shoulders and partly offset horizontally sliced 3 / 4 cups. The balconette bra looks like a balcony, her breasts are pushed upwards. This type of bra emphasizes chest and cleavage.

The body is lying on the skin tight one piece: a shirt and panties. A body with a steep cut legs and a thin piece of fabric in the buttock called string body.

An extended bra, which also covers the belly, bustier (also: Long Bra) called. The extension supports the abdomen and chest, and relieves the carrier part. A soft, extended bra inserts and columns is called Brasserie (visually similar: the Short-Shirt)

The corset includes a bra and reduces the waist. A corset constricts the stomach, however. This is a bra with Torselett Bauchumfassung, sewn spiral columns and garters. An extended panties or bra with garter belt as one piece is a corselet.

Pantys (also: Shorty) are reaching to the waist pants. Due to the very high front side, the legs are extended excerpts visually. Slips ranging cover only up to the waist, but the belly and buttocks.

The push-up bra is like a normal bra with the cups sewn in wireframe. Strong Cup deposits cause the push-up effect: the breasts appear visually larger.

Suspenders (also: suspenders, garters) are often attached to the front and back of the legs at the upper edge of stocking.

Compared with a normal slip of the string has only a small volume in the buttocks area. When the thong is fitted waist with ribbon. A thong is in the hip and buttocks area of ribbon.

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