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hold ups blackHold Ups were in their original form for centuries the most important pieces of lady clothing. They had a more functional aspect, then they have received today an almost exclusively erotic association. Because in comparison to everyday tights they are perhaps sometimes better but they have often rather un-erotic aura. In addition, many tights a distinctive upper collar, which can quickly be seen especially in tight clothes. For festive occasions, therefore, the pantyhose will also gladly exchanged for stockings. In addition, the comfort is higher, since many tights adapt individually with a strong tugging and pulling on the body shape of the wearer.

Stockings, however, are provided with a thick rubber collar at the top, which is to ensure that the Stockings, even after prolonged gestation period does not begin to slip. But as already mentioned, are for stockings wearers of the rather aesthetic aspects. As well as tights are available in different versions, with most models vary in their color and degree of ornamentation. Among the most popular designs are undoubtedly sleek black, beige or white stockings with little or subtle embellishment on top by the upper collar. Also, thigh high stockings with light patterns, such as all-over floral prints, which refresh the design, are among the most popular variations. Combined with seductive lingerie stockings can be a real highlight in cozy moments.

But even in everyday life, stockings in combination with many other garments are especially suitable. Especially with longer skirts and dresses, they provide a popular alternative and also a comfortable wear, the pantyhose, is ultimately in many respects in the shade - enough reason for us to once again take a closer look at the current ranges for stockings. LEVANTE Vanita 15, OROBLU Geo Up 8 and BAHNER Classic Line support stockings Stockings 70th Of course, also available in black.. Our buy recommendation: LEVANTE Vanita 15, also available in black.


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