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The dress code for business men - Get dressed for business

Questions & Answers

Are colorful and strikingly patterned socks with a business suit ok?
In order to avoid strong contrasts in color should socks with a suit and the shoes fit in color (for example black socks with a black suit). Tennis socks are a simple no-go, also strong patterns or flashy designer logos on the socks. Dont worry, we have only men socks with discreet lettering! Note that when buying socks, the shaft length must cover the hairs on the man's leg.

Should I wear support stockings business trips?
Ja, wenn Sie der Gesundheit Ihrer Beine etwas Gutes tun wollen! Wir empfehlen hierfür unseren Kniestrümpfe Bestseller: Travel Socks. The knee-high sock supports with an optimal course of active force the function of the venous system. Pressure from outside has one on her leg, because the fabric gets a firmer grip, and the veins are compressed. The blood circulation is promoted by the venous valves close and the more typical leg symptoms can be avoided.