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Cellulite - as an aesthetic problem

(as well: Zellulite)

Definition approaches:
Increased fat accumulation chambers just below the skin surface. This results from the altered cells in the connective tissue spaces, which are filled with tissue fluid. Name for a constitutionally-related degeneration of collagen and elastic fibers of connective tissue, particularly in women in the thigh region. Excessive extensive adipose tissue, which is for pregnant and breast-feeding naturally kept in stock.

Orange skin: a widespread phenomenon
About 80% of all women have cellulite - even in young and lean women, the skin on buttocks, abdomen or thigh mild to severe depressions that resemble the skin of an orange. Try it yourself: Put your palm on the thigh and pull the skin up a little. If you now has dents and appears as a wave in the normal state, it indicates there is cellulite.

The causes are lack of exercise, poor nutrition, "angegessene" hormones, metabolism and blood circulation disorders, weight fluctuation (yo-yo effect), hormonal changes (estrogen), certain medications (birth control pills, anabolic steroids), pregnancy, weak connective tissue, coffee, alcohol, nicotine and stress conditions and / or genetic predisposition.

Symptoms: Orange skin (funnel-shaped Follikeleinziehungen): cosmetic / physiological Quilt syndrome (reticular connective tissue collected surface): pathological Complaint types are mostly aesthetic / visual, diffuse tension and pain, and tenderness or pain-sensitive skin.

Manifestations of cellulite:
Stage 1:
The typical orange peel phenomenon is only the so-called pinch test - this one squeezes the skin along the thighs.
Stade 2:
The cellulite is only visible in a standing position, when lying down, it disappears.
Stade 3:
The dimples are visible lying and standing. In addition, the pinch test cause pain.
Stade 4:
The cellulite is gone over in a lipoedema in need of specialist medical treatment, with accompanying lymph drainage and compression therapy.

Health risks and complications of untreated orange peel:
Varicose veins, venous edema (swelling of the legs), venous ulcers, lymphedema, lipedemas

Make sure comes to varicose veins, leg swelling and circulation problems, because in these cases add to the swelling of venous lympatischen. Venous stasis are often involved in the cause of cellulite.

Possible treatments are compression, massage, drainage, food, drink, exercise and sports, as well as cosmetic preparations, cosmetic surgery (liposuction), automated treatment in beauty salon.

Cellulite - as pathological changes of the vascular system
Cellulite (Liposklerose) is distinguished from the local deposit excessive fat (lipodystrophy). Liposklerose lipodystrophy and often occur together. The aesthetic damage caused by cellulite is reinforced by Lipodystrophy (excess fat deposition): Edema of fatty tissue, increase of cell mass and cell size, proliferation of collagen fibers, changes in blood capillaries, venules, and altered vessel walls of arterioles changed.

Cellulite Mikrolipödem as a local one hand. Pathological changes lipödematöse (lipoedema) on the other hand, which is difficult to distinguish from cellulitis.

Lipoedema - a chronic disease
Under a lipoedema refers to a pathologically increased fat accumulation. The term lipoedema consists of edema (fluid retention) and "Lip" (Greek: fat). Lipoedema only affects women and is a disturbance in the system, ie heritable disorder of Fettgewebsverteilung. The outbreak and / or the worsening of the disease is caused by hormonal changes in the body. Occurs in many patients is clinically relevant, symptom-causing lipoedema with puberty or pregnancy. In a few cases the onset of menopause or thyroid surgery is pathogenic. Lipoedema can lead secondarily to adipose tissue of the hips, buttocks and thighs to a chronic lymphatic and reach all levels of severity: hardening of connective tissue, irreversible edema, elephantiasis, etc.

Feeling of heaviness in the legs, swollen legs, orange skin and mattress phenomenon, increased occurrence of bruising in the affected body parts, pain in the legs, touch pain, disability in walking, degenerative joint changes and arthritis due to incorrect loading and excess weight.

Can contribute to a further deterioration of the following factors: Varicose veins, venous swelling and severe physical stress:
Health risks and possible complications:
Degenerative disease of the joints (lumbar spine, hip, knee, and ankle), development of lymphedema, weight gain, psychological problems. Lymphatic drainage treatments are medical, medical compression therapy (bandaging, intermittent compression, compression stockings), drugs, liposuction, sports (swimming, cycling, gymnastics, jogging, walking). The treatment is often associated with nutritional counseling, physical therapy, pain management, psychological support..

Side of the tights manufacturer Compressana and Levante it constitutes a response:

Anti-Cellulite Tights & Pants
Levante Magic Shaper Anti-Cellulite-Tights
• elegant shaping pantyhose
• transparent, silky, shiny
• Micro-massage and gentle compression effect
• invisible support effect for legs and veins

Compressana magic Anti-Cellulite-Pants
• attractive shaping lingerie panties / athletic pants
• Micro-massage and gentle compression effect
• the practical alternative to tights

The superior concept:Gentle compression and micro massage
The anti-cellulite pants is made of elastic textile yarns, the latest generation. This special fabric combines gentle pressure to the skin surface with the massaging effect of patented 3D-wave structure. Gentle elastic compression provides optimal Gewebeandruck and activation of the lymphatic and venous system. The 3D structure of the wave motion at body tissue causes the micro-massage effect. With regular wear is the removal of tissue fluid and the regression of fat. The skin is better supplied with blood, smoother and firmer. Cellulite can regress as a result of or is prevented.

A not to "over-seeing" extra plus:
The elastic tissue immediately causes a visible figure, after tightening effect for legs, abdomen and buttocks. Relief for the legs and prevention of venous diseases: On the legs unfolded, the elastic fabric of the panty hose and forming an invisible support effect.

The anti-cellulite effect:

The anti-cellulite effect: The constant pressure ensures the effectiveness of micro massage effect and thus causes the compression of elastic knitted fabric. The body movement is the "engine" of the massage. Even the slightest movement creates a wave-like tissue of the micro-massage effect. A gentle compression is the circulation going. Fluid and waste products can be taken away again.